Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on Hidden Gems

There is no doubt that the picturesque buildings and gardens of Saint Mary’s central campus are what often stand out most to students and visitors alike, but along with its great architecture and gardens there are other gems on campus that are noteworthy. Saint Mary’s has some of the most beautiful trails that lead to some breath taking views and get away spots, and here are a few worth checking out.

The cross is one of these places that is a great escape. Even while taking pictures for the project I was really taken back by how pretty the campus looked, and it didn't hurt that is was a beautiful day.

Another place similar to the cross that is just as big of a landmark at Saint Mary's is the SMC. The hike up there is very pleasant especially during the spring time when the hills are green. Students often paint the SMC commemorate different holidays and in fact the day I was up taking pictures at The Cross students were painting it.

The Swamp, a.k.a. The Shire, is by far my favorite place on campus to visit. Its a bit hard to get to, but it is very interesting. What I love and I know some people might hate is the Graffiti on the walls of the damn and also on the random walls scattered throughout. Its pretty cool that in the middle of all of this nature and a completely green surrounding there is a lot of urban art.

Also another thing we considered a cool place to see on the Saint Mary's campus was the Mary located behind the redwood grove. The whole area in which the Mary is located is very cool because the canopy of the redwoods completely keeps direct sunlight from hitting the trail. After walking about 100 yards one comes up on a sign that says "Our Lady of The Oaks" and beyond that is the stone statue of the Mary and is a great getaway spot as well.

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