Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GaelPrint Interview

Continuing with our research into GaelPrint and it's effect on the College, we interviewed Quyen Trinh with CaTS.

She provided a fresh and more realistic perspective of the difference that GaelPrint brought. She commented on the financial challenges that came that her office faced with being burdened in picking up the tab for paper and toner costs, both of which had increased from the previous year. Also, some of her comments were aimed at the students who waste supplies on useless prints or throw them away immediately.

This shoot happened rather quickly as I emailed Quyen Tuesday morning and interviewed her less than six hours later. Thankfully I had my questions together beforehand. However she wasn't completely ok with being on camera at first. She wanted to know what the video was going to be about and how it would be distributed. My responsibility became to reassure her that I was going to faithfully portray her perspective and opinion. I told her that I wouldn't misconstrue her words and create a meaning different from what she was giving in the interview.

Technically, we ran into a few problems. Firstly, shooting in her office wouldn't work because there was a bunch of background noise including voices speaking, phones ringing, and music playing. We decided to change locations. The second set-up was to take place in the corner of the computer lab, but because of sound and people in the background, that didn't work out either. We settled on the group meeting room in the front of the library, a non-ideal backdrop, but it was quiet, private, and worked for our purpose.

Again, Quyen gave some surprising and candid answers that reveal a less politically-correct reaction to GaelPrint and student use. Here is a short clip from the interview where Quyen talks a little about the budget issues that follow GaelPrint's implementation:

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