Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The "Gems" of SMC

Most college campuses have common characteristics, such as immaculately pruned front lawns, processional walkways, and core buildings located on or near quads. But Saint Mary's College has a lot of "gems" that make the campus unique to any other. Check out some of the beauties on campus that many students tend to overlook @ Beauties of SMC.


Our first major project will be centered around SMC's new printing system on campus, GaelPrint (this link is only accessible if you have an SMCNet account). Updates will be posted soon.

Don't forget to voice your opinion about GaelPrint by taking the poll at the top of this page. Thanks!

Upcoming Projects

Hey followers,

Group Ice-T will be completing 5 research projects associated with many different resources on the Saint Mary's College of California campus. This will include updates to the blog, video documentaries, pictures and journal entries related to human resources, land, energy, water and waste. Stay tuned for any updates!